About Us

Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, offers a creative approach to communication that goes to the very heart of who we are as human beings.    The basic NVC framework is easily learnable but to become more skillful and successsful using NVC in everyday life, it’s important to have some form of regular, small-group practice that is both safe and supportive.

The Upper Valley NVC Practice Group was begun in early 2019 by a small group of people who had had some experience or training in NVC and felt a need for a practice group where they could share and reflect on their progress.

The primary goal of the NVC practice group is to provide a structured monthly program that combines basic NVC skills with mindful awareness practice.  This is a potentially transformational practice that takes some time and energy but is well worth the effort.

The meetings are open to all – prior NVC experience is not required.

The  Planning Circle
Upper Valley NVC  Practice Group