NVC Practice

Relationships are complex and our ways of connecting and communicating with ourselves and others are deeply interwoven in our minds, brains and bodies over many, many years starting from birth.

Forming new habits that are more in alignment with our intention to change and improve the way we connect and communicate takes time and practice like anything else.

The shift is imperceptable in the beginning. Every time you practice, though, you are rewiring your brain and creating new habits. It may seem slow but is happening incrementally without your conscious awareness. Little by little, with regular practice, the desired changes begin to appear.

The good news is that success, even small amounts, tickles the reward center of the brain and your efforts and practice become reinforced. There is a newfound sense of liberation and freedom with this awareness that you have the tools and skills to connect and communicate in a completly new way.

You find you are no longer in a dark room looking for the light switch. You now have some idea how to approach conflict in a more healthy way.

Areas of change
Knowledge and understanding of communication
Shift in conscious awareness of the importance of relationships
Developing compassion
Practicing mindful presence
Curiosity as a means of understanding

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