The Program

 A holistic approach to better, healthier relationships.

Arrive at 6:15 so we can start at 6:30

The goal is to keep it simple.  to make your knowledge useful from day one. to work with others to make it real.

The practive group will integrate mindfulness and NVC practices.

Mindfulness helps our awareness at all aspects of our interactions with others and particularly with communication. 

Program Content:

  • Monitor our connection to NVC consciousness moment to moment.
  • Develop skills to “Do Over” a situation to gain self-connection and connection to others.
  • Explore power dynamics in relationships – shifting from power over/under to power with.
  • Create internal safety and develop emotional freedom.
  • Express anger fully, safely and respectfully – yet powerfully.
  • Hearing the “Yes” beneath any “No.” Staying connected when both expressing or receiving a “No.
  • Break patterns of thinking that lead to guilt, shame, anger and depression.
  • Develop a self-empathy practice that empowers.
  • Practice the NVC flow of dialogue.
  • Workshop topics may include the following
    Intimate Relationships
    Sharing NVC with Others